Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Outfit and buy of the day

Halfway through the week everyone! Its been gorgeous here today, cold but lovely and sunny and fresh. It was Phils day off so we went to our nearest shopping centre to get started on Christmas. Ideally i'm trying to get it all done by mid November so i don't need to worry about it with a newborn.
I wore a nice simple outfit after trying on about a million things and deciding i looked awful in all of them(i hate days like this).
Leopard jumper dress-Oasis, Black opaques
Black and cream pumps-La Redoute
And meet our buy of the day......Bob the bear. He is the bumps official first bear. We got him from the build a bear shop, i've never been in one before and it was fab. We didn't get any of the clothes or anything as obviously its for a newborn and will only be sat in his cot and not played with for quite a while, but i love him. You even make a birth certificate!
Tonights plans for me are these lovely pick n mix sweeties(a total rip off) and The Apprentice, is anyone else watching this series?


  1. im watching apprentice!
    no idea who to win, theres like a million people in it!

  2. I'm watching it too! Love it!! Loving the leopard print too - very nice :)

  3. I love The Apprentice, I'm thinking Jamie Lester might win but he's got time to make a total prat of himself yet.
    Have a lovely evening, you gorgeous gal! xxx

  4. Love the leopard print dress!
    I totally forgot that The Apprentice had started so think I'm going to give it a miss this year as haven't seen any of it yet and am off travelling in a couple of weeks. I do love the show though! x

  5. I love your outfit. those lollies look yummy.

  6. You're looking fab in leopard!! Im watching the Apprentice too, still too early for me to decide who might win. Stella did a good job last week though x

    The doll on fashion

  7. I have a build-a-bear. Such a child! Ohh yum to pick n mix and the apprentice, I fell asleep last night so will be watching it later today x

  8. You really do suit leopard print. Love your purchases - the bear is fab and overpriced or not, pic n mix is always a winner!

  9. The build a bear is so cute, I think these make for great teddies.
    I’m hopelessly addicted to the Apprentice, every year it gets me! x

  10. That dress looks fab on you x

    Build a bear is so cute x


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