Sunday, 3 October 2010

A couple of buys

You may have noticed i've not been buying much for myself lately, babies are bloody expensive! Its actually been really good for me and i've been getting much more wear out of the things i have already.
On Friday i went to Leeds(and got soaked) to get some last bits for my hospital bag and also a present for a secret stork i am taking part in on a baby site. While there i managed to pick up a couple of small bits for me!
I love this hat, its soooo me, i put it on straight away a you can tell by the rain on it!
The bow has little pearls on it
I also treated myself to a nail polish, its a new one from Chanel called Rose Insolent

Its not as bright at it looks here, watch out for a nail of the day with it soon!
Lastly i got this fab heart shaped silicon baking tin, i can't wait to use it.
I had my most recent midwife appointment on Friday, everything is good, but bump is measuring between 3 and 4 weeks bigger then average! He's either going to be early or huge!!
Hope you've all been having fab weekends xx


  1. red is great on you, how cute do you look with that hat :)

    Love the nail polish too, I've never had a designer polish before.

    Hope all goes well with the app xx

  2. Aw! Everything sounds so exciting with your bubba on the way :D

    Love the nailvarnish too, what a gorgeous colour :D x

  3. Love all your new bits - that heart shaped tin is amazing!

    To be honest, I wouldn't take too much notice of what the midwife says, size-wise.. They seem to get it really wrong for everyone I know - so I'd take it like you would the weather forecast, with a punch of salt :)

  4. Cute hat! You look gorgeous :)
    I hope for your sake the baby is early and not huge! And for our sake too, so we get to ogle the cuteness sooner!

  5. Love that hat on you and the nail varnish is gorgeous, in fact I'm jealous!
    Hope it's a case of the wrong dates rather than a massive baby! xxx

  6. You are definately blessed genetically to carry most things off(take the hat for example:), Em unlike the rest of us(enough said there:0)!


  7. I love the colour of the nail polish, such a pretty pink. the heart shpae tin is cute too. x

  8. I didn’t know you could get heart shaped baking tins- I want one so badly now! The nail polish is lovely x

  9. Love the nail varnish - such a bright colour! You really suit the hat too! x

  10. You look so cute in that hat! x

  11. Love the red hat :) looks gorgeous colour on you.
    You really look like some one famous, but I dont know who it is :/
    Glad babe is doing well, ready to pop by the sounds of it, hehe


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