Saturday, 16 October 2010

Normal service is resumed

Yay i have fully up and running internet again. Its funny how muich you miss something when its not there.
I don't have much news to report really, still very much pregnant! Phil is out tonight on what will probably be his last big night out before baby is born so i'm home watching Strictly and X Factor enjoying the delights of practice contractions.
Its my mums 60th birthday today, its strange when your parents get to big milestones. I never think of her as being a whole 60 years old! She is one stylish mummy! I got her a gorgeous bracelet and embarrassed her in public by presenting her with this subtle balloon.
I've been buying a few bits this week. I got this gorgeous lambswool/angora mix dress from Oasis, i love it, leopard print is my favourite, i can wear it now and after bumpy is here due to the shape.
Also grabbed a few boring bits from Boots

Had a mini Lush haul

Got this gorgeous Models Own polish in Grace Green, i've wanting a Khaki nail polish so thats one thing off my wishlist!
Then i popped into town this week and got these newbies to my collection for £5. I love the bows and they have lovely chunky heels.
I've got a few posts lined up for this week to make up for my time away. Look of for nails of the day, outfits of the day and a skincare review. I've also got some updated bump photos, i don't think i can get much bigger without bursting now!
Ohhh i'm sooo looking forward to reasing through everyones blogs now! xxxx


  1. Missed you!
    Gosh practice contractions?? You're so close now, how time flies! x

  2. Great to see you back, Em!
    Those shoes are so cute and I love the leopard print cardi :) x

  3. happy birthday to your mum!

    ohh love the shoes! where did you get them??


  4. Yay, you're back!

    How long is it till you're due now?

  5. Yay, glad you're back :)

    That leopard print dress is gorgeous!

    Where are those shoes from? Bargain! They're a great colour.

    Take care x


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