Friday, 24 September 2010

Thank you

Thank you to everybody for all of your kind comments on my last post.
I've been so upset about it thinking how i could have hurt our baby even though i know baby is ok and is kicking away at me. I'm just glad it was me that is hurt not him, i look very sttractive at the moment, my chin is all scabby but luckily no stitches and i have lovely purple bruises on my right hand side.
While we were in the hospital the girl on the bed next to me was in late labour, i thought it might freak Phil out but its actually made us both more excited. We both had to laugh when the midwife was asking her what pain relief she wanted and the girl screamed out 'ANYTHING!!' Its good to know that the hospital staff are lovely even though i'm hoping not to have bump there all being well.


  1. So glad you and bump are ok hun! Sending you lots of love and best wishes. You must be due quite soon, getting excited? xxxx

  2. Really glad baby is OK, and that you're sort of intact! Hope everything heals up soon and that there's no more excitement until he decides to make his entrance.

    Take care!

  3. So happy to hear everything is fine with you and the baby! I hope it all goes well always!
    Have a lovely evening!

  4. Just read your last post hun. So glad everything's ok :) you just make sure you get yourself and bump all healed up. Lots of rest and cuddles.

  5. Aww so glad you guys are okay! He's a bump on every level now!
    Hope your bruises and cuts heal soon.
    Stay safe!! ♥

  6. Just seen your post, glad you are both ok, make sure you take it easy for a few days x

  7. take it easy this weekend lovely x

  8. Glad to hear everything is okay. Just chill relax and take it easy. *hugs* xx

  9. Hello Em!

    Glad that all is ok with bump and you!! Take care, put your feet up with a cuppa and blog... all will be fine and dandy!

    Love Txx

  10. Glad everythings okay, make sure you rest xx


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