Thursday, 16 September 2010

I'm back!

Helloooo, i'm back in blogland at last. My internet is up and running so i'll be having a major catch up tomorrow night as i'll be home alone(Phil is off to some kind of rugby thing).
I had my latest midwife appointment last week and everything is perfect, yay! Its a shame i have awful heartburn near enough every night but some people have much worse happen to them.
Last weekend was fab, me and my mum babysat for 2 of my nephews and 1 niece which was good fun. Its amazing how big they get so fast.

Heres Jake, 9 months attacking Oscar

Heres Henry, 2 months giving me a cuddle

And Amelie, 20 months who is a total chatterbox

Phil's family also took us out for a meal over the weekend along with his sister and her boyfriend. I hope everyone is well, i can't wait to read and catch up on everyones blogs x


  1. Welcome back, Em! I've missed you. xxx

  2. Welcome back, very cute pics.


  3. Cute photos, glad everything is going well x

  4. Oh, they're such cuties! Look at those chubby cheeks! x

  5. YAY for getting the internet back on! Your nephew and niece are just so cute!

  6. Aww, gorgeous pics! Glad you're back online Em :)

  7. Glad to see you back :) Hope you're well! xx

  8. Good to see you back and hear everything is well. You've just reminded me how much I love the name 'Amelie' xx


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