Monday, 27 September 2010

Nail of the day

Could there be a more relaxed way to spend an afternoon?
A cup of tea, rubbish daytime tv and nail painting.
Love this cup that Phil got me!
And i love sparkly nails too!
Barry M's Navy as a base with OPI's Absolutely Alice over the top. Excuse the very messy painting, it'll look much neater when i've got rid of the mistakes!
What colour are your nails today?
My bruises have now gone a lovely yellow colour, i always love seeing how bruises change colours, its amazing how our body heals itself.


  1. What a gorgeous sparkly colour. I must sort my nails out tonight - they either need cutting and filing, or polishing, or probably both.

  2. That looks gorgeous, I love the sparkles.
    I'm wearing a dark red Bourjois polish, it really needs re-doing though as it's so chipped! x

  3. Yummy Mummy indeed.

    Thanks for your sweet comment, sorry you have missed me. I must try and be a better Blogger.

    I got my nails painted a dusky pink in college today :) xx

  4. Those nails look fabulous, mine are No7 Totally Teal today. Great mug. xxx

  5. My nails are a delightful shade of deep purple, officially called 'Lychee' by Nails Inc. I love the sparkles! x

  6. oooh lovely nails and I love the mug.

    You will be a 'yummy mummy' lol xx

  7. Amazing colour, I can't seem to let go of summer pastels... So i've got yellow, coral, lilac, green and blue all on at once :)

    Its all about the multi nails :)

    Love the blog!!

    Very yummy mummy :)


  8. Awww you are indeed a Yummy Mummy! That's so sweet of Phil. My nails are naked today :)

  9. Cute mug :)

    Love the sparkly nails - mine were a navy blue last week (which I'm now tempted to add sparkle to next time I do it!) but they are now a pretty mint green.. I, as the person above, can't quite let go of the Summer shades yet!

  10. Oh I think I need some sparkly nail polish in my life! I don't think I've had any since I was in my teens..


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