Sunday, 5 September 2010

Mix and match post

This post has no particular subject, more just some random bits rather then doing several seperate posts.
Firstly i'm loving the fact that autumn is on its way although i won't really be buying much clothes wise, I do really want this River Island Cloche Hat.
Secondly a quick nail of the day, Barry M's Fuschia, i'd forgotton how much i like this colour.
Thirdly, how cute are these little star decorations. My icing went wrong after an incident with the piping bag but the stars managed to kind of save the day!
Finally, i'm 28 weeks pregnant now, this week i've started to get much stronger kicks and also little feet/hands poking out of my bump. Its weird but nice at the same time!
Still not looking pregnant from the front though!
I hope everyones had a fab weekend xxx


  1. Gorgeous nails :)
    Love the black dress, you look so slim from the front - wouldn't even think you were pregnant! x

  2. Oh the kicks must be so amazing! Not long now xx

  3. How good do you look missy?! Amazing!

  4. Love that hat, you must get it! You look fab, such a fantastic figure. xxx

  5. Ah so exciting! Those cakes look yummy :D

  6. Your bump is lovely and you're right, you really don't look pregnant from the front. For the answer to your question about what I bought in New York, have a look at my blog tomorrow and Tuesday! x

  7. I am desperate for a cloche hat! Must go and check out M&S this year as they had some amazing ones last year and foolishly I didn't get one.

  8. You look FAB for being 28 weeks pregnant! And that hat is just the cutest, it would go so well with a 20s vintage slip and nice coat! :)

  9. them cakes look scrummmmmy, damn you should start a baking / food ideas blog I made some choc biscuits they went a bit very wrong :(

    prettyneons xx

  10. That cloche is just unbearably cute. I want it! x

  11. Ahh I love hearing about your bump progress :) How exciting!
    Love the nails!! x

  12. Love your outfit and those cakes look yummy.

    Lovely nails too xx


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