Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Back into the swing

Well i seem to be getting back into the swing of doing outfit posts. Its getting harder as less and less fits, i can't wait to break out my coloured tights to brighten up my boring outfits. That said i'm enjoying the sunshine we've had over the last couple of days. Here is my outfit from yesterday.
Black eiffel tower oversized vest-Primark, Long black vest(underneath)-Primark, Black leggings-H&M, Yellow cardigan-H&M
I love that the chain on this top is real rather then a print. Look at the state of my nails :o
Jewelled leopard pumps-Oasis
Now i'm getting further on in my pregnancy i'm going to do more regular bump photos, i'm wary about boring some of my followers because i appreciate its not that exciting for everyone so feel free to ignore them!
So here is me at 27 weeks and 3 days, i can't believe my little man will be here in less then 13 weeks(if he arrives on time!). I'm still lucky that i haven't put alot of weight on all over(touch wood) which means i can wear a good chunk of my normal clothes still. I'm shocked that my boobs haven't grown very much at all i've just gone up one cup size to a 34GG but i'm slightly worried what size they will end up once baby is here and i'm feeding!


  1. well I love your little updates.
    34GG oh I hope they stay that way for you hun,Im 5'2 with 32G and Im scared mine will ballon when I get pregnant. You have been Lucky xx

  2. I didn't manage to snap up the eiffel tower top whilst it was in my nearest primarni :( x

  3. I doubt you'll be boring anyone. I am honestly not at all interested in babies unless my friends are having them and I'm loving all the bump updates - it's so exciting!

  4. I love the bump/baby updates :)

    Thought of you the other day whilst I was shopping! Picked up a dress in Primark which I'm sure you've got - it's black with cream lace at the top - so actually thought of you 'in real life' as such!

  5. I like the bump updates, it only happens once (well unless you have more, but it's not constant if you get me) so make the most of it, it's such a big part of your life and I like reading about it :)

    I love anything that has the Eiffel Tower on, that vest is lovely x

  6. Well you're looking gorgeous and you're not boring me. I don't do kids in the slightest but I'm excited for you and need to know every detail. xxx

  7. eeee! How I ♥ baby bumps :)
    love this outfit hun, you're going to be one yummy mummy xxx

  8. Keep showing that baby bump Em. I am the most cluckiest girl on the planet that Ben is so worried. The other day at work we got some new summer baby stuff in. I'll take some pics today and put them on my blog...the boys stuff is so gorgeous!!

  9. You are the most fashionable pregnant lady in the world Em, love your shoes! I can't beleive how the Summer how flown by and your boy will be here in such a short space of time, I bet you and Phil can't wait.


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