Sunday, 19 September 2010

Ins and Outs

Not the most inspired post, but i'm easing myself back in gently!

The Great British Bake Off- I loved this show and am so sad that its nearly over. Has anyone else been watching?
Looking forward to new clothes-I'm now looking forward to the clothes i can wear after bump is here, rather then worrying about things that i can't wear now. My wardrobe may be boring for now but in a few weeks i'll be able to treat myself in the sales.

Boots- I've dug out the boots i'd left at my parents when i moved out and can't wait to get some good wear from them. Also loving the boots on sale at the moment, Marks Aand Spencers have really caught my eye this season.
New books- I've been buying loads to read before baby comes, i've found a fab charity shop that does 4 books for £3. I've also been browing Amazon, and i've added the new Shopaholic book to my wishlish.

Being prepared, we have everything we need for our little man now, anything else is a bonus. The cot is up, the travel system is waiting, clothes all washed in Fairy, and our hospital bags packed. We just need a name!
Heartburn, its sooo painful!!
People telling me how huge i am, yes i have a biiiiig bump but i'm only 5ft tall, where else is the baby meant to go?


  1. i've been really impressed with the boots marks and spencers have in at the moment too! have my eye on these bad boys -

    hope everything is going well :) xx

  2. I've been loving The Great British Bake Off too, I wish it was a longer series :( Arghh it really annoys me when people comment on pregnant people's weight, telling them they're huge or whatever - YOU ARE PREGNANT. That's what's supposed to happen!! My hairdresser is pregnant too atm and she's so fed up as everyone keeps saying she's really filled out and has put weight on all over. Anyway, not long to go now is it?! Sounds like you are well-prepared bar the name although I always say you can't name a baby until you've actually met them :) xxx

  3. I’m hopelessly addicted to the Great British Bake off- such good television!
    I’ve got my eye on that new Sophie Kinsella book too, hardbacks are always so expensive though, I may well have to wait until it arrives in a Charity Shop xx

  4. I love those brown boots! I have a brilliant charity second hand book shop along the road from me - they're brilliant! xx

  5. I'm so addicted to The Great British Bake Off! Im looking forward to the final although i'll be gutted that its ended! xx

  6. Your getting ready for winter and I'm getting ready for summer. I can't imagine how annoying it would be people saying how big you are. people are rude aren't they? xxx

  7. Awwww i'd be SO excited to buy all the little baby things now!!! Although sorry about the heartburn :/ Actually babes im not that excited...nervous more then anything :(
    Not happy!!! Sad to be leaving!!!
    Did you go to uni??

  8. try peptac/gaviscon for the heartburn, I swear by the stuff!

    and peppermint tea :) xx

  9. Hey babe there should be a link on my side bar with a facebook box.... If not I'll post up a link tomorrow. Your a gem! X

  10. I love The Great British Bake Off! Ruth from it has a blog called The Pink Whisk with all sorts of amazing recipes on it.


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