Sunday, 26 September 2010

Outfit of the day

Happy Sunday everyone!
Well its definately gone much colder today in this part of West Yorkshire, poor Phil had to leave at 8 this morning for work and left me snuggled up in bed, i love that feeling where its freezing cold outside and you know you can stay under the duvet for a while yet.
What is everyone upto today? I've just been cleaning, washing and other boring domestic chores, also had to wait for our food shopping to be delivered and discovered that i forgot to order any butter(doh?!) so i'm going to have to take a quick walk to the shops to get some.
I was at my parents house yesterday and my mum had found a load of clothes of mine, i had a look through and didn't even remember buying half of these things which is pretty bad, some have gone off to charity and others have come home with me, it was a bit like free shopping! I'm wearing one of the tops today.

Floral smock top-H&M, Red vest(worn underneath)-H&M, Black maternity leggings-ASOS, Black longline cardigan-Topshop
Magnifying glass necklace-Marc Jacobs
Flat bow peeptoe pumps-Ebay

Bump at 31 weeks!


  1. gorgeous as per usual - really enjoyed your take on maternity fashion - fab not frumpy :)

  2. Great print on that dress. Free shopping? Splendid! xxx

  3. Love those shoes, been on the look out for ones like all summer.

    Take it easy on the cleaning mind :P

    Im having a very lazy day today :) x

  4. love those pumps! its amazing that from the front you dont even look pregnant, turn to the side and BOOM gorgeous baby bump :) lol! xoxo

  5. Pretty top, shoes and bump!

    'tis great rediscovering hidden gems:)


  6. I found a stash of my old clothes this week at my parents house too, stuff I LITERALLY had forgotten had ever existed, was exactly like free shopping :)

    I love the magnifying glass necklace- so perfect! xx

  7. LOVE that necklace. You look amazing.

  8. The temperature's definitely dropped - it certainly makes snuggling up in the duvet all the more enjoyable :)

    You have now given me the urge to own a magnifying glass necklace.. Love it!

    Also love those shoes - very 'me' indeed.. I would wear shoes like that to death..

    Bump's looking great :)

    Thanks for the comment btw - that dress you mentioned is very 'you' actually - can totally see you in it! Check out the Tesco clothing site - bargains galore!

  9. You still don't look pregnant! Love today's outfit and especially the print on that pretty top.

  10. Your bump looks fab! And I love those peep toe flats, very cute :) x

  11. Amazing maternity style, absolutely love those bow shoes... every girl needs bows in her life :)


  12. Free shopping, dream come true!!
    You always look so lovely


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