Wednesday, 26 May 2010

You sure make me feel like loving you

I've been a pretty rubbish blogger and not getting back to comment on as many peoples blogs as i'd like lately so i'm making it my aim to change that. Thank you to my lovely followers.
Its been such gorgeous weather over the last few days and i've been spoilt by the boy, culminating in him appearing with some gorgeous flowers and a big bag of giant chocolate buttons for me.
I went out at the weekend and was struggling with what to wear due to my ever growing stomach. I settled on this dress which i've had for ages but never worn, it was perfect with the elasticy waist bit.
Dress-La Redoute
Stud detailing on straps and neckline
Flat red bow sandals-Garage Shoes
And sparkly eyes, courtesy of Mac Pigment in Reflects Antique Gold over a nude base.
I hope you are all well xxx


  1. The dress is a perfect fit, it could have been made for you, Em!
    Love the sandals and turquoise toes, too.

  2. Those sandals are so cute! They look lovely with the blue toes :) x

  3. I am so in love with those sandals, and I LOVE the dress. Your boy is so cute! Don't think Ste has ever done that for me in 5 years.. in fact, scrap that, I KNOW he hasn't.

  4. Lovely outfit those sandals are lovely xx

  5. Love the dress and the sandals are so cute :) xx

  6. Oh my goodness that dress is stunning!
    Gorgeous shape :)
    Thanks for the comment :) <3 xox

  7. cute sandals and your eyes makeup look beautiful!


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