Thursday, 6 May 2010

The joy of plastic!

The lovely Vintage Vixen tagged me in this and its one of the best ones around!
Its the Plastic Joy Award. The rules are that I've got to name at least five characters from TV or film that I'd be happy to have some alone time with! (i'm trying to put it nicely!)

Sooo in no particular order....
Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, i don't really fancy him in anything else but i love the whole dancing and romance against the odds storyline. I also really want a dress like hers in the last dance!
Another dancing man, Paul Mercurio in Strictly Ballroom, i have a bit of a thing for men who can dance!
Jonny Depp in Chocolat, who doesn't love a bit of Jonny, i think he looks gorgeous in this film. Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually, anyone who has seen the scene in the photo will have melted with me.
This is going back a few years ago, i was in love with Nigel Harmen when he was Dennis in Eastenders.
I'm going to leave this tag open to everyone because i think it might be quite popular!


  1. What great answers! I had a massive crush on Andrew Lincoln when he was in Teachers!
    Hope you had as much fun as me with this award.

  2. I bloody LOVE Andrew Lincoln!

  3. Em, your taste is marvellous! I adore Strictly Ballroom and Andrew Lincoln makes my heart melt in Love Actually.

    I may well use this tag fairly soon, it looks like much fun!

  4. patrick swayze! <3
    and great blog award name!



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