Sunday, 9 May 2010

ASOS order

Ooooh ASOS how i love thee.
I just had a good look at your maternity clothes,
Now i'm rubbing my hands with glee!
I love ASOS anyway so was really pleased to see the maternity section and have a good look though. Its great that they have alot of the clothes in the main section(obviously altered for bumps) and also some pieces that are maternity only. I ordered a few bits just to test then out.
Breton long tee to wear with leggings
Black leggings, these are in the style of Nicole Ritchie, i'm not sure how basic leggings can be in the style of?
Navy marl leggings
This dress, in this photo it looks a bit weird but theres some other photos where it looks lovely so fingers crossed.
Any other ASOS lovers? xx


  1. River Island online do maternity clothes too. :)
    My friend bought some not too long ago. xxx

  2. Oh I love that dress at the bottom - the colour is stunning! xo

  3. Gorgeous dress! Looks like ASOS really have maternity fashion covered. If I'm ever in need I'll be sure to have a look! :) xx

  4. LOVE the last dress :)
    When you have your adorable little baby...dont forget to check out the topshop baby clothes...they are like the typical luvvvverrly topshop clothes but SO mini :)
    Almost makes me wish I was older and pregnant :) xox

  5. I love ASOS, ordered a few bits last night including a bargain quilted bag I'm holding onto for my uni ball, and some new printed tights. I was also quite impressed with the guys section, (as was my other half!) That breton top is lovely :) x

  6. lovely collection. I really like the last dress. ASOS is fab, they always deliver great affordable stuff

  7. ASOS have a great maternity range, and it's great they do the main collection but for bumps. :)

    X x

  8. oh i love asos - ive had to ban myself from visiting though! spend way to much money xxxxxxxx

  9. the last dress is so hot!love it


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