Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Little haul!

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my scan photos,i keep looking at them and grinning! For those that asked, we're going to find out if its a girl or boy at 20 weeks. I'm not worried which it is but part of me would love a little girl and OH would love a boy. I do have a feeling its a boy for some reason!
I managed to pick a few little bits up over the weekend, its funny now, i'm hardly spending any money on clothes compared to before baby, i'm trying to wear what i have thats suitable and save money. Sometimes you need a pick me up though.
I've seen this beauty on several blogs and had to hunt it down, i finally tracked it to Primark in Meadowhall. I'm not sure how long it'll fit for but i love it so much,
Got this gorgeous flower for my hair too
And this hat, i love wearing hats and really should wear mine more often. Excuse the roughness!
In New Look, i found the maternity bit which is pretty big in Meadowhall, i got this gorgeous top(a tunic on me!) and its so lovely with leggings with lots of growing room.
I also got hair dye as my hair is in desperate need!
What was the last thing you bought?


  1. Love that dress!
    Last thing I bought was a self-tan applicator mitt - exciting lol! It was pink though :) xx

  2. be careful with the hair dye sometimes hormones can effect the results ;)you really suit hats wish I did xx

  3. that top dress is gorgeous :) lovely lovely!
    I had a little Primark haul over the weekend too

  4. The straw hat and top/tunic is lovely!
    I had a charity shop haul today. I'm in the middle of editing the pictures to post on my blog :)


    x x x x

  5. I tried that dress on in primark! It was a bit big though and they didn't have the next size down, grrr. I love the maternity top :)
    I bought a Revlon lipgloss today, and a new foundation brush :)

  6. you look so cute in the hat!

  7. fab buys huni ... also love your cute bow necklace ... wheres it from?


  8. Love the dress, it's gorgeous!

  9. I love the florals :)
    Im sure this will look gorgeous with the baby bump :) Exciting!! xox

  10. Oh I love the dress! The tunic is so pretty as well - do they do it in non maternity?

  11. The hat looks great on you! My last purchase was the KG sandals, im dying to get my summer clothes bought! x

    The doll on fashion

  12. I love your hat! so god dam awesome! You'd be amazed how much Mothers spend on their children. I've seen it at my work... they even admit they never buy themselves anything. your baby is going to be the trendest bub in town!
    i bought a floral (eeek me in floral) dress today , going to wear it tomorrow night will have pics up on the weekend. xxx

  13. fabulous buys as usual!

    I'm hopeless at guessing what sex baby will be! I was so sure my friend was having a girl, right up to the day HE arrived!

  14. Such a gorgeous dress! I've got my eye on this and a few others from the £7.50 range at Primark. Can't believe they're so cheap. Gotta love Primark! :) x


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