Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Topshop Make Up

I ordered a few bits from the Topshop make up range last week and yay its arrived safely! Now maybe i'm really old but i remember when Topshop used to sell make up years and years ago, i had the most amazing neutral eyesahdow with silver glitter in and i used to wear it for school(i told you it was years ago!)
I ordered 4 bits to check out the quality
Firstly, Lip Polish in Coral, i really like the feel of this on and its a gorgeous bright colour
2 Kohl Pencils in Thistle and Petrol, i'm really impressed with these, the colours are lovely and they go on really easily and can be smudged too
Cream Blush in Pinch, the top bit photo is blended and the bottom is just as it when on. This is really really bright, but easy to blend down. I've not tried it on my face yet so i'm not sure how it will suit me
I did also get a free make up bag too, but its not that exciting!
I think i'll definately be getting some more of the kohls.


  1. blended out the blush looks really pretty!
    I'm tempted to order some bits online but i've heard mixed reviews :/

  2. Love the look of the kohls! I liked the lip polish too... not enough for the price though.

  3. ooh that lip polish is so pretty. i really want to try the make-up but i don't know if i'm just tempted by the packaging :P ♥

  4. ohhhhh this is just the sort of review post i needed, was debating over whether to pick a few things from here, definitely will now be picking up the kohls and lip glosses

  5. Oh! Great you've got some stuff too. I've recently blogged about my TS makeup purchases too. I got the cream blush in neon rose and love it! In fact I loved everything I bought!! But I didn't get any makeup bags (but bought mine from the shop).


  6. Love it! So excited about this range, the blushers are gorgeous!


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