Saturday, 1 May 2010

Bank holiday weekend!

I hope everyone is having a fab weekend so far. What are your plans? I don't have many, i am going out tonight to a club with the boy, i want to go and have a dance, the only issue is i'm so tired i'm normally in bed by 10.30 these days! Tomorrow we are spending the day doing something totally non baby related but we're not sure what, it depends on the weather.
Due to the tiredness my outfits this week are a bit uninspired but i did wear my heart cut out dress.
Black heart print dress-New Look, Hot Pink Cardi-Zara, Black opaques

Mirror necklace-Topshop

Black pumps-La Redoute xxxx


  1. Love the dress and necklace <3
    Its my 13th birthday on Sunday! :D
    x x x x

  2. That dress is gorgeous! Have a lovely weekend! x

  3. Lovely dress xx Have a nice weekend

  4. Cute outfit, love the heart print with the pink cardi, super-sweet! I think you'd like the Peacocks dress I picked up today (pic is on my blog) as well as the Pearl Lowe collection. Hope you had fun tonight! x

  5. So cute Em, hope you're having a good time tonight!

  6. Awww I love your dress. I hope you had a lovely night out. x

  7. As beautiful and cute as ever! Boys and babies? What have I been missing?
    Have fun,

  8. I hope you've got better weather than we have today!


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