Friday, 28 May 2010

Baby buys part 2

Despite trying not to buy too much until i know if its pink or blue, its inevitable that i keep picking bits up for baby. We've already got a cot and travel system which are the 2 big expenses but all the little bits add up too.
Heres a few of the bits we've been buying.
Froggy hooded towel, i love this so soft and so cute

Elephant soft toy
The softest blanket ever, this was only bout £3 from Primark and its so soft i want it for myself
Giraffe hat and mitts set
All in one, so so soft
Thats just a few of the bits, i've got vests and things which are plain and not too exciting to look at!
Hope you all have a fab bank holiday weekend. I'm spending most of mine with the boy xx


  1. aw so cute!makes me so broody!

  2. Awww these are so adorable! You must have so much fun picking out cute clothes and toys :) Lovely blog sweets!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  3. Those Primark blankets are AMAZING.
    My nephew now has about 6 of them on a rotation (3 blue & 3 yellow!). He loves them. His mum loves them because they're such a good size, they're easy to wash & stay lovely & soft.
    I've since bought one in an appropriate colour as a present for every person I've known who's had a baby - & they've all loved them too :)

    Can't believe I've just written an entire comment about a baby blanket from Primark..

  4. aww cute, that blanket is lovely xx

    aww makes me feel all emotional, how are you feeling?

  5. I love the elebob! I hope you're doing okay, I think it;s goo to pick bits and pieces up as you go along! best way to do it. Have a good weekend :)


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