Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sunny days

We've had some gorgeous weather this week so i've been taking advantage, spending lots of time outside. Its been a mad weekend so far, my sister her husband and 4 kids came up to stay from London, we've also had both my brothers and sisters in law and their children here too. Its lovely but mad.
One of my nieces who is 8 is like a mini me, she loves anything girly and floral and glittery. She was a bit confused on clothes sizing though, she thought as she is 8 and gets size 7-8 clothes that i would get size 26 clothes because i'm 26!
I've been so sick tonight, so i thought i'd sit down, relax and catch up on some blogs.
Anyway heres another floral outfit post.
Cream print dress-Primark, Cream cardi-Primark, Gold T bar sandals-Primark
Flower bangle-Primark from ages ago
Wow a whole Primark outfit!!
I'm gradually working my way through everybodys blogs so expect comments soon! xxxxx


  1. Ah, kids - great hey!?

    Loving the Primark outfit :)

  2. Gorgeous summery outfit, i hope you and the little one are well xx

  3. Gorgeous outfit my lovely, u look beautiful ♥

  4. Nice dress and bracelet xx

    Thats funny re your neice and the sizes lol

  5. That dress and cardi combo is so pretty - and perfect for a sunny day!


  6. Love the dress :)

  7. Hope your sickness passes soon. I found eating often helped.
    Lovely dress and bracelet.
    Vicki xx

  8. Love the outfit! I've been looking out for a nude/beige cardigan for ages but haven't been able to find any! I'll have to have a good rummage in Primark :) I especially want a boyfriend fit cardi so if anyone has spotted any please let me know! (: xx

  9. Gorgeous outfit, don't think I own anything from Primark, how bad is that?! x

  10. Cute and summery outfit! Nothing wrong with all Primark! =)

  11. aww your niece is so cute! My niece thinks I have my own spray tan machine because I am brown, as her mum (sister in law) is always getting spray tans. :) I'm so jealous your wearing sandals and I'll soon be wearing boots eeek. Cute dress too xxx

  12. Haha I love the whole Primark outfit!I saw that dress but the sizings were so off.. a size 10 was hanging off me.. soemtimes Primark can be so weird with sizes being too big or too small.
    Your niece sounds SO cute, wait til a few years time and she'll be great to go shopping with!

  13. Try lemon and ginger tea for your sickness. I'm so glad our ages aren't our sizes, I'm fretting enough about being 28 :) xxx

  14. This is the perfect summers day outfit!


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