Sunday, 11 April 2010

Recent buys

I've been buying a few bits lately but obviously selective due to the impending bumpage!
I had to get a couple of new bras as my boobs are just huge already, so i got this cute cherry print set in La Senza.
Cheap and cheerful sandals from Primark
Stretchy striped dress from primarkThis scarf from River Island, how do you take a decent photo of a scarf? This is so pretty but awful in the photo
And my favourite, floral tee with rouched sleeves from H&M, lots of stretch!
Life is so busy at the moment, i'm going to have a really good look at everyones blogs and catch up with everybody xx


  1. Love the cherry bra set I have had my eye on that too xx

  2. Love the buys, especially the H&M top!

    Haven't said it yet, but many many congrats on the mini Fluff of Pinkness. Here's hoping you have a happy and trouble-free bump!

  3. Such pretty things! Love the floral top.

  4. I've got that Tee from H&M. Great taste ;0)

  5. love the H&M floral t and the primark shoes - did they come in any other colour?

  6. I love the Primark sandals. The floral top is gorgeous too :) x

  7. Lou, it comes in white too, which will be lovely in summer with jeans xx

  8. I adore the sandals and H&M tee!

  9. I love the sandals and tops you got

  10. Congratulations on the baby!!!
    Ahhh thats sooo exciting :)
    I wish all the very best for you and the baby, whoo is evidently going to be impeccably dressed at all times!
    I love that floral top

  11. Oh wow, congratulations, that's fab news. It's a good idea to find some non wire bras (I know so not glam) but you really, really dont want to damage the delicate breast tissue while they are going through so much change. It's pregnancy and wearing the wrong bras during that cause the damage and not breastfeeding (contrary to popuar belief) so get thee to Mothercare pronto.
    Lecture over now, enjoy your pregnancy, I can't wait to see your Yummy Mummy posts...
    Vicki xxx

  12. Pretty things!
    Love those sandals.

    And congrats to you. :)

    X x

  13. ooh love the floral top in the last pic, some great finds!
    hope you and bump take care

  14. I love the sandals, I keep meaning to get some before they are gone!
    I usually wear flip flops all summer long but am longing for sandals this year :)

  15. I love the undies and shoes! x

  16. Love everything you got. I also just want to say, a big congratulations to you on your exciting news :) So happy for you! I can definately say that your baby will be one stylish baby :) Hope your ok! xx


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