Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ruby slippers

Ahhh sometimes i love having small feet, at the weekend me and my mum went to a discount outlet and they have a Monsoon there. I was mooching around with not much luck, then my eye got caught by some sparkle and being the magpie i am, i went to look. I found these fab sparkly shoes with velvet bow in the childrens section for £5! They feel so lovely and soft, i just love them.
I also picked up this fab velvet headband with diamantes on.
This week i also picked up this gorgeous dress in Primark, i love the colours and the vintagey print, not so keen on the buttons at the top though so i'm going to pick up some different ones and change them over.
What have you been buying lately?xxx


  1. The shoes are adorable!

    The dress looks to be the same style as the black print one I have - it's super comfy to wear and looks lovely on. Odd that they've kept the gold buttons with that fabric though. I'm sure you can find some cute ones to put on instead.

  2. I was looking for that dress today, but to no avail! I also saw your blue lacy dress while doing my wanders around Bradford Primark :-)
    Em, I won't lie, made me laugh at you buying kiddie shoes :-) but it's more jealousy cause kiddie shoes are cheaper and those are just too cute.

  3. I love the shoes and the headband! So cute!


  4. Love, love, LOVE the shoes! So cute! Loving the headband and dress too. You're ready for summer :)


  5. You're so lucky to have small feet. I think every shoe looks better on a smaller foot as opposed to a whooping great big size 7 lol! In my defence though, at %ft7" I don't think I'd be able to balance to size 3 feet lol!

    I bought that Primark summer dress in pink and white although I think I'm going to take it back. I really want the navy blue one.

    I swear everyone has these dresses, good old Primarni, never fails to give us a bargain! Lol xx

  6. Of course, I love those shoes! I love the Monsoon kids' shoes - a lot are leather but really cheap and so cute.

    Btw Em, thanks for the comment! I hope you'll love The Glass Palace - be great to hear your views when you're done!

  7. Love the shoes. Soo pretty and sparkly! :)

  8. Lovely dress! Does it come with removable straps? I just can't do strapless easily!

    Loving the shoes also! Never thought to look in the kids section before! I also have tiny feet so will have a nosey next time I'm in Monsoon!

  9. Snapppp. I have that dress
    Its gorgeous on sunny days with a cardigan and pumps

  10. prettiest red shoes ever! xx

  11. I love the dress and the shoes!
    I sometimes wish I had small feet!


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