Friday, 23 April 2010

ELF order and mini reviews

Firstly can i say thank you to all the lovely compliments on my last post, its given me a much needed confidence boost and reminds me how lovely bloggers are!
Hands up, who loves ELF make up? Totally bargainous and good quality make up, what more do you want! I thought i'd show you what i ordered and a little review on each item.
Firstly i would just like to say how fantastic the service is from ELF, i ordered on Sunday and night and my order was here Tuesday morning and they text and told me when my order was dispatched. Simples.
First up, Studioline Complexion Perfection
I love love love this product! This is the second time I’ve purchased it, it promises to create a balanced and radiant complexion. I put this on after I’ve used concealer and use it all over my face, I find it leaves me with a lovely sheer matte finish and its heavy or cakey at all. It tones down any redness I get, so I’ve been using it instead of foundation as I don’t like to wear foundation everyday. I also really like the packaging this comes in, looks much more expensive then £3.50!
Shimmering facial whip in Spotlight
This is a highlighter that can be used on cheeks, eyes and lips. In the photo i have put it on quite heavily so that you can see but it blends to a much more natural colour. For the price of this I’m really pleased, its great for using on the inner corners of eyes, highlighting brows and cheekbones. Also if you wanted you could use it on your cupids bow for fuller looking lips.
Plumpimg Lip Glaze in Baby Doll
Really pleased with the colour of this gorgeous wearable pink. Double ended applicator, one with clear plumping gloss which smells a bit like Vicks and tingles when applied to the lips(if you've used Sexy Mother Pucker before it feels like that). The other end is the colour which you apply over the plumping gloss. Leaves lips beautifully shiny and soft although I’m not sure if it really plumps my lips which are quite full anyway.

Hypershine Gloss in Flirt
Much more orangey in the packaging then i expected, but almost clear when applied. Gorgeously shiny. I really don't like the smell of this at all, it reminds me of the smell of Urban Decays Lip glosses with the men that strip in the lid(do you know the ones i mean?). I know lots of people love the smell of them but its just not for me unfortunately.

Studio Lip Stain in Red Carpet
I really like this product and think its a fab idea, i went for this red as its quite dark and that’s a colour i don't have in my lip colours at the moment and i love strong red lips. Its a double ended product, firstly you apply the colour which goes on easily and smoothly, then you can either leave it to dry for a matte look or apply the gloss in the other end for a shiny finish.. I originally only wanted this for the matte finish but i really like it both ways. I find matte lipsticks can be drying but with this stain i find is leaves my lips moisturised.

Overall a big thumbs up from me!! I would also like to say i ordered and paid for these myself and these are my honest opinions on the items i received.


  1. Got to love ELF!
    My recent buy was their eyebrow kit - pretty much a dupe of Benefit's Brow Zings but at a fraction of the cost. I can't live without it now lol! x

  2. Lovely review Em, thank you. It's reminded me that I've been meaning to try out a couple of things from there for a while now... *scampers off to the website*

  3. I love elf! I was eyeballing some of the colour sticks! but I love what I have from them so far! :)

  4. Love the lip colours! I've been curious about the complexion powder for a while now- might be time to purchase it! x

  5. all of these products look great! i want to shop for new makeup now!

  6. I'm such an ELF fan, I'm so close to placing an order.

  7. I've been eyeing the studioline Complexion Perfection i think i might get it :)I mean you can't go wrong at 3.50!

  8. Heya I've just got back online,how are you hun? Good I do hope?
    By the way I really likes the new blog design,I'm going to top up my make-up tomo stopping by Boots,and shall defo give this brand a try as the colours and shades look lush.

    have a top weekend ;)
    prettyneons Xx

  9. I am definitely gunna order from ELF soon, everyone says they;'re fab.

  10. I love ELF, too. The Complextion Perfection powder is really good for getting rid of redness and I love the big mirror. The lip stain looks really nice - I'll definitely order that next time! x

  11. I love ELF, too. The Complextion Perfection powder is really good for getting rid of redness and I love the big mirror. The lip stain looks really nice - I'll definitely order that next time! x
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