Monday, 19 April 2010

New things for me!

I'm not really in the mood for shopping at the moment, its hard to buy because i'm already putting on weight but i don't look pregnant and i need things to be bump friendly I did manage to pick up a few bits in H&M recently.
Firstly i got some maternity leggings, i didn't really think you needed a picture of them! Ohmygod they are the comfiest thing ever, they fit perfectly but have lots of room for growth, they would also be perfect if you were going out for a big meal!!

I grabbed this lace vest, they had them in loads of colour and for £2.99 i couldn't say no
This fine knit long jumper with rouched shoulders/sleeves, half price, i have it in red and its perfect with the leggings as i grow.
Then in the maternity section i got this gorgeous dress, its much prettier in real life, its very me which is good as i don't want to lose my style just because i'm pregnant.
Also picked these up in Lush.
I'm going to do a post a bit later in the week with baby bits, i don't have much as its early days but i did get a couple of bits! xxx


  1. Love the new layout!
    hope you're well.
    the h&m jumper is beautiful!

  2. Cute things!

    Bump clothes are adorable ;)

  3. Bet your desp!!! to look preggers huh! i know i would b

    I cant believe how nice that vest is and on 2.99!!

    thanks for you comment- i replied on my post chick x x x

  4. ooh the dress is soo cute! you have to check out TS Maternity - I think some of the stuff is nicer than the regular range!

    looking forward to the baby things post, major broodiness here! x

  5. Love the lace vest <3
    The layout is really nice!

  6. really gorgeous things as always
    ♥ xx

  7. Gorgeous dress, that's going top look soo pretty! I tried on my friend's maternity jeans once.. OH MY GOD SO COMFY!! I could have worn them forever.

  8. I have the black top in black and white stripes, so comfy and long. Love those lace tops.
    The maternity dress looks lovely, and is totally in keeping with your style.

    X x

  9. Aww you're going to be one stylish mummy! The floral dress is gorgeous, and you're right, it's so you!


  10. i have to get me some of those vests!! wow
    cute things too x

  11. cute buys! your going to be the most stylish mummy to be ever x

  12. I love leggings too and i have loads of different coloured lace tops aswell!

  13. Your blog is pretty!lush is my fav store!

    come check out and subscribe to my fashion blog!


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