Friday, 20 January 2012

These shoes of mine

Sarenza are currently offering one lucky blogger the chance to become an ambassador!
You all know i love a good shoe so i knew i had to enter this one!

I have long loved the Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon shoes, and when i spied this pair on the Sarenza site i got a little bit excited as they are THE perfect wedding shoes and that is what i have been looking for.
The colour couldn't be more perfect for my wedding and lets face it they are just gorgeous! However with a £143 price tag they are not cheap and as a stay at home mum i don't have money to burn these days.
I emailled a picture of them to my mum who in turn showed them to all the girls at her work and the verdict was ohmygod, they are amazing!
I pondered ordering them and even tweeted about my indecision all the while checking back on the site to make sure they were still in stock, they were, one pair left in my size.
So, i ordered them! These lovlies will soon be winging their way to me.

If you would like to enter to be in with a chance of being a Sarenza Ambassador then click here.


  1. I love them! Congratulations on getting your dream wedding shoes :)

  2. Perfect choice, I long have admired these shoes! I really do think having the shoes of your dreams on your wedding day is a must xxx

  3. They're amazing!
    Claudia xxx

  4. I love those shoes they are stunning....x

  5. They're gorgeous but they're also £23.70 cheaper from!

  6. Perfect!! SO glad you decided on getting them, just think you can wear these to other peoples weddings too :) win win xxx


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