Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Fairytale(outfit and a couple of sale buys)

I felt a little bit fairytale-y in this outfit with the deer and the earrings. This outfit was from Sunday, me and Seb went to my parents for the day and we popped into town to have a look in the shops.

Dress with deer print skirt-H&M, leggings-Matalan
The Nightingale earrings-Petal JewelleryBlack ballet pumps-TopshopI didn't intend to buy anything but ended up buying a couple of bits.

Cream bow belt-Tosphop reduced to £5. I got this purely because i think it will look fab with my navy H&M dress.
Heart slippers- Topshop, also reduced to £5. I've seen these on quite a few blogs and they are soo cute. Though the make my feet look big and manly i think?!
Christmas cookies jar reduced to £2.40 in Sainsbury's. Put away in the cupboard for next year! I also got a cake stand in New Look of all places but i'll do a photo of that once i've baked something to go on it.

Finally a photo of Seb purely because i love his knitted waistcoat! xxxx


  1. I love the heart shoes - I've never seen them before, and for a £5 I really wish I had!x

  2. That dress is so pretty, and I just want to squish Seb!

  3. I love the earrings, anything birdcage related is always going to win me over. And those heart slippers are a fab bargain too xxx

  4. I love that dress, I wish I'd have picked it up now. Really like the belt :)

  5. It goes without saying that I wholehearted approve and adore this outfit! It's such a comfy dress too, mine has had loads of wear since I got it! Seb just gets cuter every day! xxx


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