Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ins and Outs

I have been sent Coco before Chanel DVD from LoveFilm this week, i've been wanting to see it for ages. Have you seen it?

Cute socks, with the freezing weather we're having i've constantly had socks on my feet. How cute are these Topshop ones?!We have booked a mini holiday to Haven on the coast in April. I can't wait, its right by the beach(fingers crossed for sun) has indoor swimming pools and soft play for Seb.

This week i won £100 of spa vouchers! I've never been to a spa before so i'm really excited! Are there any treatments you recommend?

I'm really getting into my wedding planning now, we still need a photographer and i need a dress though!

Benefit high beam is amazing, i got some free in Glamour and haven't really used it until now but i love it.

My friend Clare is moving to Wales with her boyfriend in February. Obviously i'm happy for her but sad for me!

Annoying ebay buyers, seriously if you bid on something please pay for it!

And the biggie, i've put on weight. Bleurggh. I've not been that body confident since having Seb, i loved my bump but because it was so big, its not just pinged back into shape(i'm so envious of those ladies who snap back into shape!) and its covered in awful stretchmarks despite the creams i used and am still using. Anyway i've now put on some weight too and just feel horrible. I've ordered some aerobics DVD's(no way am i trying the 30 day shred again!) and am going to do them as much as i can as well as cutting out some of the rubbish in my diet.


  1. At last I can comment on your blog I have been trying for a few days with no luck.

    First I agree about ebay buyers I am having the same problem at the moment....!

    Second, you always look fab to me and you dress so well and you are really pretty you have such a lovely face. I think unfortunately all women feel a pressure to look good myself included.

    Good luck xx

  2. OH also I still cannot seem to post on your previous posts so I just wanted to say that I loved your last outfit the blue dress I saw that in DP in the sale and was going to get it but did'nt as I do have one similar xx

  3. I have always wanted to see Coco before Chanel, love those socks! xxx

  4. Love those socks!

    Need to add Coco before Chanel to my LoveFilm list!

    Jen x

  5. Aw I know how you feel and I didn't even have a big bump! You do always look lovely in your outfits but I know it doesn't help being told that if you don't feel it! I've got 30 day shred but not tried it yet, I'm doing slimming world you can eat loads but still loose weight, I'm really enjoying it x

  6. outfit the blue dress I saw that in DP in the sale and was going to get it but did'nt as I do have one simila
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