Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sales shopping part 2

Our new camera charger arrived finally so i can take photos again, i never realised how much i used the camera!
As promised here is the rest of my sales(and non sale)buys.

From the Lush sale, just this little set as i already have far too much bath stuff to use up.
In TK Maxx, i got this tin reduced to £2, i love their home section, its full of gems. I'm not sure what i'll do with this yet but i like it.
Phil got me this birdcage in the Boots sale, again i'm not sure where i'll put it or what i'm going to do with it but i like it alot
I did also get some new underwear and a body wash gift set but they aren't exciting to look at!

Now onto non sales buys
I've been looking for some perfect navy pumps forever but nowhere seems to have them, Phil spotted these in Primark and they are lovely and soft. They aren't excatly what i had in mind but are ideal for now. Also Primark facewipes.
Crown and Glory feather comb, this is great for keeping stray hairs off my faceForever 21 heart ringPretty scarves for spring in H&MBody Shop Banana Shampoo and ConditionerWhat have you been buying?


  1. I wish i lived near a Lush store!

    Lots of beautiful purchases. I bought some underwear and a playsuit, which I'll be blogging about later.

    Happy New Year.


  2. I was so tempted by that birdcage, I could quite happily have a house full of them! xxx

  3. Those scarves are so pretty and springlike.

    I love the birdcage thats so nice that Phil bought that for you xx

  4. I love shopping blogs! I really like that roes tin and you can never go wrong with lush! I bought a woolen black and white stripy jumper in topman today, it's not my usual port of call but i love it! xxx

  5. I love the birdcage, I have a few but never really sure where to put them!

    I've given you an award on my blog lovely x

  6. I bought a woolen black and white stripy jumper in topman today, it's not my usual port
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