Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year

We had a rather uneventual New Years Eve, watching rubbish tv with a takeaway, we weren't even sure we would make it until midnight(we managed, just!).

Yesterday me and Seb have been busy, we went to my friend Clares house, then to my parents for lunch and then finally we went to my nephews 2nd birthday party and got home just in time for Sebs milk and then bed. He slept through until 9am this morning which was bliss :)

I wore my new sales buys :)

Floral dress-Topshop, Yellow cardi-Forever 21, Black opaquesI really like this dress but its probably not the wisest thing to wear to a kids party where you are climbing in ball pits and under tables!Black ballet pumps-Topshop(birthday gift)
I also managed to get a picture of me and Seb together! A rare thing!Did you make any resolutions? I don't really have any proper ones but i do want to get my second blog up and running and also use up all my beauty products!


  1. You look gorgeous Emma! Jealous you can rock yellows so well, I just look a bit jaundiced in yellow haha xxx

  2. Love the outfit.
    I was going to wear the dress the other day but decided not to. I love it though and I do love it with bare legs and sandals.

    I love that photo of you and Seb xx

  3. gorgeous dress! I totally know what you mean, theres no dignity when your a mummy running after a 1 year old at a play gym lol!
    Lovely photo, your son is sooo cute!

  4. I love the print of the dress, it will look great in the summmer xxx

  5. Oh, such a spring-like outfit! Love that dress with the yellow cardi. And such a cute photo of the two of you! xxx

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