Friday, 21 October 2011

Welcome to the collection

I popped to our local shopping centre earlier this week to pick up some bits in the Early Learning Centre sale and couldn't resist having a look in the sales. I was so dissapointed, i couldn't find anything i really loved in the clothes or shoes sections.
However i managed to pick up a couple of nice bits of jewellery. Firstly i got pearl cluster earrings in Miss Selfridge for £1, these will be nice with my cream lace dress.
Then i got a couple of more quirky bits to add to my collection, the brooch was just £1 and the goldfish in a bowl necklace was half price in Topshop. I loooooove both of these, the brooch will be great on a scarf.

I also picked up some lovely Christmas decorations in Marks and Spencer, i'm getting so excited for it this year :)

Have you been sales shopping? xx


  1. I'm so glad TopShop has closed down in town as I used to go berserk in the jewellery section at sale time. Love that goldfish necklace and that brooch. x

  2. Lovely bits hun! I have tried to be restrained in the sales but it isn't easy!!

    Love Amie xx

  3. Aww I love the goldfish bowl necklace and the earrings are cute

  4. Ohh how exciting!
    It has been rather chilly recently, hasn't it?tucson web designBuy Creatine Monohydrate Though, save from using superglue, keeping socks and shoes on a wee one it nigh on impossible isn't it! I'm sure Seb will learn when he gets cold tootsies!
    I love your scarf, the design is fab! Xo

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