Wednesday, 19 October 2011

On Monday night i went out for an Indian for my friends birthday.
It was a new restaurant that we went to, and it was so lovely! As it was student night, i had a hilarious wait at the bus stop when waiting for my bus home with some lovely boys who decided i needed cuddling.

Aztec print dress-Matalan, Leggings-H&M, Orange cardi-Primark

Horse earrings-TopshopJewelled bow pumps-Topshop
Also wore a huge leopard scarf from H&MAnd i have new darker hair! I dyed my hair last week using a foam dye for the first time, it was so easy!
I'm so excited for tomorrow, we are going to give our notice of marriage, apparantly they ask us a load of questions then put up a notice that we intend to marry for 15 days and in that time if anyone objects they can make it known. We're also off the local pub for lunch and then in the afternoon we are going to see the health visitor for a development check, i'm looking forward to finding out his weight and height!


  1. love that dress! also love the earings and pumps. lovely all round!!
    Your son looks adorable!!

  2. Loving the new darker hair and I'm not surprised the random students thought you needed cuddling, you are a stunning woman. x

  3. that aztec dress is gorgeous! x

  4. The dark hair really suits you and I love your outfit xx

  5. Your new hair colours looks really nice, really suits you. Love those cute earrings.

  6. The little coat is mega cute! Very random tip, but my 18 month old LOVES to play with cornflour & water mix, poured on to his highchair tray,Ice Dam Removal MNBirth Forum not sure if you've ever done it but it's basically a weird liquid/solid hybrid haha, really great fun for running through little fingers, I swear it can entertain him for hours

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  9. Loving the new darker hair and I'm not surprised the random students thought you needed cuddling, you are a stunning woman. xHardwood FlooringSugar Daddy

  10. Loving the new darker hair and I'm not surprised the random students thought you needed cuddling, you are a stunning woman. x
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    The rest of the day was filled with chicken noodle soup (made by Colby), wet wash-cloths, and movies to entertain me. He sat next to me the whole time not leaving my side. I knew from now on things would be different. We were real with each other now, we knew each other's secrets and didn't have anything to hide anymore.

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