Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Meet the Palmers

I thought i'd do a little post on one of my favourite brands today, Palmers.
I've been using them since i was a teen and seem to have quite a collection going at the moment, even Seb is getting in on the act! I love that they are affordable for everyone, do their job well and they smell amazing.
Pictured L-R: Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip Butter, Facial Scrub, Olive body lotion, Cocoa butter body lotion, Baby butter, Bottom butter

The face scrub is a new product for me, i kept seeing their facial skincare products and finally got round to buying one so i may well review it.
We use the baby butter when doing baby massage on Seb after his bath, i much prefer it to the traditional baby lotion. The bottom butter is also Sebs, no nappy rash yet!

I've read that Palmers do hair products in other countries, i just wish i could get them here, i really want to try them!

Had to post this photo of Seb stealing back his bottom butter!
Do you use any Palmers products?


  1. I love palmers too! There is an african hair and beauty shop here that I think might sell palmers hair stuff, I'll have a look and let you know!

    Anna x

  2. I used something by them when I was pregnant - a stretchmark cream?! I can't remember the name of it, sadly I still got stretchmarks, but it did smell lovely!x

  3. I have the lip butter which is lovely, I used to use the body lotion but prefer unscented body lotions now.

  4. I use the Cocoa butter body lotion, and wouldn't go back to anything else now. So nice, the smell is pretty strong, but I quite like it. I definitely want to try other things in the range

  5. I love the body lotion (I love the smell!) and the lip balm, I need to try some of their face creams in the future x

  6. I think the gradual tanner is my favourite palmers product! I use the baby butter for Finns massage too, I might try the bottom butter on him, I've not seen that before xxx

  7. I use the Palmers moisturiser with fake tan and its one of the best fake tan products I have used and it does not smell like fake tan...its lush xx


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