Monday, 24 October 2011

Mummy Monday: Reading

I was shocked when a recent survey found that 1/3 of children in this country don't own a book. How can that be? You can buy books for next to nothing in charity shops and poundshops and there is even the Bookstart scheme where you are given a few free books for your child. I find the statistic very odd and sad.
Reading a book together is so important, not only does it aid development, it gives you time where you are sat close and having one on one time. You don't even need a be a good reader as you can make up your own stories just using the pictures.
I'm an avid reader and have read to Seb since he was tiny, and we now have it as part of his bedtime routine each night. Its one of the few times Seb allows me to cuddle as him as he now wants to be on the move all the time.
We have special books that we keep on his book shelf and others that are in his toybox that he can play with, he loves playing with them and will lie on the floor flicking through and chuckling to himself.
We also regularly go to the library, and come home with a bag bulging with books. I think its fantastic that the library lets you take 15 books out on a childs card and they don't charge overdue fines either. Our local library also runs a pre school group on Wednesday mornings which i;m going to be taking Seb too when he turns 1.
I hope Seb will grow up loving books but even if he isn't an avid reader i am determined that he will be able to read properly as it seems many children are leaving school without this vital skill.

In other news we now have 4 teeth!


  1. Aw he is so cute - that statistic makes me so sad, I still remember my favourite books from when I was little x

  2. I, like you, find that statistic absolutely baffling.

    My nephew is the most active toddler in the world; he loves running around, playing football, tennis, basketball, anything active.

    But he also LOVES books. And always has done. His bedtime routine includes reading at least 2 stories, but he also picks books throughout the day that he fancies. My sister takes him to the library most weeks (which he thinks is amazing). He's at that age now (2 & 3/4s), that he can 'read' along with repetitive books - & that's so much fun!

    This comment is long & rambly & I've forgotten what the point was - I just find it so hard to believe how many children don't have access to books and aren't encouraged to read. It's so sad.

  3. awww that 1st photo is so so cute.

    I agree I think reading is really important and that statistic is quite shocking and sad.


  4. Wow that's shocking :(. It's lovely that you read to him, i too will do that when i have children, very important x

  5. How sweet!

    What a sad fact, all children should have lots of books.

    X x

  6. Aww lovely :) 'Dear Zoo' is a huge fave here if you've not got it? We don't frequent the library at the moment, the little monster enjoys taking the books off the shelf and handing them out to all and sundry more than he does choosing a book, I might try again soon, see if that phase has passed!!x

  7. I was teaching a class of 10/11 year old the other day and one of the tasks was to list their fave book/s. It really disturbed and upset me that the majority said there were no books in their house at all! so horrible :(
    My baby will definitely be a reader! Xoxo

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