Tuesday, 27 July 2010


The lovely Emma from Following the Fashion tagged me, click here to see her post.

Basically you post a picture of yourself that you like & tell us six positive things about yourself so here goes...

This picture was taken last year when me and some friends went to Blackpool for the weekend. I'd met Phil a few weeks before and was really happy. I've no idea who the 2 topless men are but its pretty typical of me to start talking to random people and to have my photo with them.

1. I'm a good listener and would like to think people would feel comfortable speaking to me if they needed to let things out.

2.I can keep a secret. I love a gossip as much as the next girl but i can keep a secret if asked.

3. Even in the most rubbish situations i can nearly always find something to laugh about. I can laugh at myself even when i'm upset/angry. It usually helps to diffuse the situation. I love to make other people laugh too.

4. I have a brain and i love to keep it active.

5. I enjoy looking after people. I've always been a bit of a mother hen.

6. I'm generally postive bodywise, i don't have a perfect figure or even the figure of your stereotypical beauty blogger but i see no point in criticising myself for it, as long as i'm healthy i enjoy what i've got! I have really thick and strong hair, my nails are strong and ever growing and i have fab boobs!!

I really enjoyed this tag, its nice to put positive things down about yourself so i want to tag everyone who'd like to have a go at doing the same xxx


  1. What lovely and positive answers, Em! I love that photo of you and the topless gents.

  2. What a great post. I love to hear bloggers being positive about themselves :)

  3. Emma I think you are a great role model for curvier girls and I really love your attitude its so great. I can tell you are a really positive person and you really will be such a wonderful mother. I think I am a bit in awe of you (lol that sounds fingers down your throat!!) but I think you seem like a truly wonderful gal! xx

  4. Lisa, thats one of the nicest comments i've ever had on here. You've made me cry a little bit now(i'm crying all the time at the moment). Thank you hun xx

  5. That's a cute photo of you. you do look really happy. that's so great you are so positive, not many girls out there are hapy with themselves. we def need more curvy role models like you. x

  6. I love it...'I have a brain' :)
    I agree! A brain is very useful!
    Lovely post xxx

  7. you thought of much better things than I did :p I like that you are so positive about your body shape, you have a gorgeous figure :D x

  8. cute! congrats on being tagged

    stop by sometime<3

  9. Glad to hear what you had to say about yourself, very lovely!

  10. Hi Emma, thanks for your comments on my blog.

    Thats ok your welcome, did not mean to make you cry though lol but they were obviously happy tears.
    Good luck with your move and I love that photo x


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