Sunday, 4 July 2010

Mini haul and a bit of a moan

I went to Meadowhall yesterday, it was so so so busy and hot that we didn't bother with half the shops. Topshop was manic so i avoided the main sale bit and headed to maternity but nothing i liked was left in my size(i have fallen for a leopard wrap dress in there though) so my main buys were from Primark.
I couldn't resist this little dude despite the fact i already have several owl necklaces in my collection
Nude skinny belt with bow buckle
This luuuuverly bag, i really like this and its very similar to a topshop one i've seen but about 1/4 of the price
My very first pair of brogues, these sit nice and low on the foot which i like. I might get some ribbon to use instead of laces
My only non Primark purchase. This necklace from Mikey, i can't explain how sparkly it is, and i'm a total magpie!
What have you been buying this weekend?
On another note entirely it seems i have been totally dumped by my closest friends. I'm no longer welcome on nights out and i was told a few weeks ago that basically i shouldn't go out anymore because they don't agree with it. Its left me feeling pretty isolated really and sad that i'm not included anymore even in shopping trips. If i was going out drinking and doing stupid things i could understand it but i just want to go and have a dance with my girlfriends. I realise they are obviously not real friends but it has left me feeling pretty crappy. I know that when the baby is here they will more then likely want to come and coo but part of thinks i may as well just tell them where to go. Sorry to be a bit moany but i needed to get that out!


  1. They're not realy friends to just sack you off because you're having a baby,and I think you should tell them where to go when the baby arrives - like you say it isn't like you're going out and getting off your head you are just wanting to enjoy yourself and have a good time. *hug* xxx

  2. Awhhh just ignore them, I understand them not being comfortable with nights out; smoke, worrying over you etc, and then only if it was for big nights out. But not being included in shopping trips? Thats just awful. *hugs*. Just think of the happy times you'll have with the baba. xxxx

  3. Aww I'm sorry your friends have been excluding you hun, that's really out of order. Like Laura Jaye said, you could understand it on nights out but there's no excuse for them leaving you out of shopping trips. If a friend of mine was pregnant I'd be SO excited, helping them find great maternity wear and cooing over cute baby clothes! They don't sound like true friends to me :( Have you confronted them about it?

    Thinking of you xxxx

  4. Cute buys, that bag is a dead ringer for the expensive on in Topshop.

    Re your friends, it's sad they assume that going out with them equates getting stupid and putting your baby in harms way. Like you would. Might be worth chatting to one about how you feel, or organise a night in with them? show them that pregnant doesn't equal boring.

    Take care. Xx

  5. Wow, that is REALLY unfair of your friends. And to say they "don't agree with it"? What? That doesn't even make sense, it;s nothing to do with them. My friend Sarah still came on nights out and to house parties when she was pregnant with her daughter. She didn't drink, went home early, and everywhere is non smoking now.
    I would confront them about it, because even if they don't want you to come on nights out you're still their friends and should be included in other things. Before the pregnancy were they the kind of friends who you only saw for nights out? x

  6. Oh, and PS.. I love that bag and necklace!!!

  7. Lovely purchases :)

    I'm sorry your 'friends' are so pathetic. If they were decent friends they'd be making MORE of an effort to not let you feel left out or anything.
    You should be able to decide what you're up to doing or not, not be dictated to by anyone else..
    I don't really know what to say. This is a time when you need support from people close to you - grr!
    I'd tell 'em to get lost when they want cuddles from your gorgeous baby - if they can't be around for this stage of things, they haven't got the right.
    Anyway, rant over!
    Sorry I can't say anything to actually help.. but just know that we're on your side here!

  8. So sorry to hear your friends are acting that way. Maybe they just don't understand that being pregnant doesn't mean you have to stay inside for 9 months?! Could you tell them they're upsetting you by excluding you? They probably think they're being kind by taking the pressure off by not asking you to come... but it's obviously not working that way! Talk to them, I'm sure they don't mean any harm.


  9. That's rubbish that you are feeling left out - there is nothing worse! I'd say stick to real friends rather than one that don't appreciate you. Hope things sort themselves out :)

    On another note, love the brogues. They would look gorgeous with ribbon :D x

  10. Loving the purchases and hating your "friend's" attitude.
    I've never wanted kids but was absolutely thrilled when our friends announced they were expecting their first baby last night. Not being able to get totally drunk doesn't mean you stop being fun. Sounds like they may be a teensiest jealous to me.

  11. LOVE THE NECKLACE! and re your friends, if they feel that way, then you obviously dont deserve them as friends, you deserve farrr better!
    just to let you know that im back after a few weeks, so do stop by at

    much love!

  12. such gorgeous buys you have there! thanks for sharing!

    love your blog and would love for you to check out mines and follow it if you like!

    have a lovely day!


  13. I love your mini haul - especially the brogues, they'll look gorgeous with some ribbon in them! You have to post a photo! Also really sorry about your friends, I think your fab in the way that being pregnant hasn't stopped you wanting to go out and have a good time, and they should see what an amazing girl you are for still being like that! x

  14. Oh Em, are they living in the dark ages?! You shouldn't have to shut yourself away until the baby is born! I can see that perhaps they're worried about smoke/drink etc but everywhere's non smoking now and I assume you aren't drinking so really, what's the problem? A bit of dancing never harmed anyone.

  15. What a shame your friends are being like this, there's nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy life whilst you're pregnant!

  16. That's very short sighted of them. I hope you have other people you can hang out with. Doesnt soun like they a worthy of your company. On the other hand, try telling them how you feel as they might just be caught up and not realised how they have come across


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