Friday, 23 July 2010

For the love of Ikea

Yes that's right i braved Ikea today and actually it was quite pleasant. No rowing couples, no tantruming children, no trolley bashers. It was quiet and i managed to get loads of bits without spending a small fortune. I know alot of people really dislike Ikea and i wouldn't go and buy everything there as i like a bit of variety in my life but you can pick some fab bits up and the kids section is amazing. I went with my mum and we spent ages looking at all the random little bits that the men in our life would just find boring.
So i wore
Green polka dot dress-Primark from an age ago(found in the garage)
Pearl headband-Primark
Pearl initial bracelet-Topshop
Studded flat sandals-Primark
It never fails to amaze me how things can look so much more interesting when named in Swedish. I picked up some sweets
and this Cider type drink for Phil.
My mum got some amazing cheese and Dime bars of course!!
Happy Friday everyone! I'm going back to packing yet more clothes and books xx


  1. That dress is gorgeous on you love.
    Ahhh i love ikea when i can bare to go.

  2. I love that initial bracelet - it's so cute. Going to have a look in Toppers tomorrow to see if they have one with an S. xx

  3. I got the giveaway prize today! THANK YOU! It's amazing! So much more than I could have imagined :D

    I'm going to be featuring you in a thank you post so look out for it! x

  4. Cute dress :) I love Ikea trips, always manage to pic up lots of things that I really don't need! x

  5. You found the dress in the garage? How could you forget a beauty like that! You look fabulous, Em.
    Ikea is quite bearable during the week and their fabric is gorgeous. Vix xxx

  6. I like Ikea in small doses. We only ever go probably 2 trips a year. The last thing I got from there was our cat basket!

    I want an initial bracelet xx

  7. ooh dime bars! I must get some nest time we go! Small Child loves to go and play in Smal land there now that she is five - Ikea is much better when you're not dragging a whining child behind you! x

  8. Lovely outfit I like that dress xx

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