Thursday, 22 July 2010

Hair of the day!

Another slightly different post from me!
Plaits have been around for a while now. I quite often plait my hair into simple pigtail style plaits but am useless at anything more complicated. My mums got 2 weeks off work so i decided to ask her to do my hair how she did when i was small and it provided a little bit of nice girly time for us!

I had this picture from Look magazine(last weeks i think) for her to work from.

And she did me proud! She took my fringe(still growing out) and part of the front section of my hair for the plait secured with a grip and then the rest of my hair was tied up into a secure bun with grips and it lasted the whole day.

It was a realy relief to have my long hair off my face and neck while its been so warm. I think next time we'll try with a slightly thicker plait.


  1. Cute, I love plaits.

    I do french plaits in my hair I love them xx

  2. I love plaits at the moment, but wish I could braid them myself. I keep meaning to look for a tutorial or some sort of guidance! x

  3. It looks so sweet on you. I am hopeless at plaiting my own hair :(

  4. I'm going to try this at the weekend I think my hair is just about long enough now.
    I hate my hair it just always looks a mess and I dont do it on purpose either its just wild fly away hair!
    P.S...I loved, loved Sweet Valley High tv show...where are them twins now? I remember it being on live & I loved live&kicking!
    prettyneons xxx

  5. If you pull outside strand under, rather than over the middle section, you can get the same look as the model, with the plait sort of on top of your head instead of going inwards (if that makes any sense at all!!) Looks gorgeous though :)


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