Wednesday, 21 July 2010

More buys!

Still behind on posts! I got these bits at the weekend and am only now getting round to posting them! Its been a busy week so far, i'm packing as we can move stuff into our flat this weekend. Packing meant i finally got round to sorting out the boxes i've had in the garage for 3 years since i came back from uni. It was quite fun to go through, i found 3 cocktail shakers, drinking games, loads of photos and souviners from things we got up to.
Anyway onto the buys...
Love this cute pearl initial bracelet! Better still it was only £2 from the last dregs in the Topshop sale
I got these fab black sequin cushions from Primark, they have identical ones in Debenhams for over 5 times the price. These will be so good with the bedding i have!

Mulberry velvet dress from Primark, i love love love velvet dresses and i already have a couple of vintage ones but i couldn't resist this one

I also got this just because it made me think of Alice in Wonderland right away

Also had to get this little sleepsuit for the bump as its just too cute, it says Wanted and Reward is 1000 cuddles

I've also been buying things too boring to picture lots of bedding, towels and kitcheny bits but you'll see those when i'm properly moved and take some pictures xxx


  1. I can just see you inthat gorgeous velvet dress, it's so beautiful. Great other finds, too xxx

  2. hello's hun I have a bone to pick with you...I made them scrummmmy brownies that you posted about. Anywho's Im now hooked and just went up a hundred dress sizes.
    You are a bad influence , hehehehehe ;)
    prettyneons x

  3. The initial bracelet is very cute, as is the playsuit!

  4. Oh my gosh so many cute things! I need those cushions in my life! Loving this blog at mo!

  5. That initial bracelet is such a bargain! & love the Alice in Wonderland inspired pocket watch necklace...I swear I’ve wanted one of these forever!

    Primark do some lovely cushions, just goes to show how overpriced Debenhams are x

  6. That sleepsuit is adorable :)

    I'm really jealous of your Alice in Wonderland inspired clock pendant - I've wanted one like that for AGES..!

  7. Nice buys you got there. The jumpsuit is so so cute! x

  8. Nice buys that little jumpsuit is so cute xx

  9. how cute is that little suit for bump!!

    Great buys, that topshop bracelet is such a bargain, and I love the clock necklace.


  10. I love that dress! And the babysuit is adorable, little 'un's gonna be so cute! xxx

  11. Oh gosh, what a thought to go through 3 years worth of stuff! Well done you! Those cushions are so gorgeous and the sleepsuit is super cute. When's your due date? I'm going to be an auntie again soon as my sis-in-law is due on 4th Sept. The scans show pretty much for sure that it's a wee boy. A little brother to my nephew Robbie who'll be 3 in Oct and has named his unborn baby brother Foggy! xx


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