Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Outfit of Friday!

I'm so behind! This is an outfit i wore on Friday for an appointment i had to go to. Turned out very monochrome.
Black and cream lace dress-Primark, nude belt with gold bow buckle-Primark, Black opaques
Leather waterfall jacket-Oasis, Leather flat pumps-La Redoute
Look at the mess!
Black and white bag-Primark
Pearl hairband-Primark
I did brighten it up a bit with some red Chanel lipgloss, but forgot to take a photo of that!


  1. The Primark bag is very cute! I don't think I commented on the dress on your last post as I was gooing too much about the baby clothes but it's absolutely lovely - looks fab on you.

  2. I knew that dress would look fabulous on and I was right! Loving the bow belt. The pearls and red lippy are a classy touch, love it! xxx

  3. that leather jacket is amazing! I love it. :D x

  4. Love the dress though gosh were you not hot in thick black tights?!

  5. Lol no jenna it wasn't very warm here on Friday!

  6. The dress looks great and I like how you've teamed it with the bow belt, so pretty.
    And I love that bag! x

  7. The dress looks great on you - knew it would :)


  8. love the handbag and the baby doll dress with cream lace. Gorgeous!


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