Monday, 22 August 2011

Simply swim

You may remember a while ago that i reviewed a swimming costume from Simply Beach, well i have also been given the chance to review another costume from their sister site, Simply Swim, which sells yet more lovely swimwear which is more practical.

As regular readers will know we often take Seb swimming so practical swimwear is a must, nobody wants to accidently flash the lifeguards.

After looking through all of the swimsuits i chose the Speedo Luxe Claudezine in Kiki Pink as currently i only have black costumes.

Firstly i'd like to praise how fast the delivery is. It came within 2 days and was well packaged.

Onto the costume! I really liked wearing this, the neckline was flattering and i like the pretty ruffle detailing on the v. My favourite part about the costume is the tummy control! Not very sexy i know, but as my stomach still isn't back to normal from being pregnant it made me feel alot more slimline and confident in the pool.

To summarise, this costumme is practical yet pretty which in my book is a great combo.

If you are in need of a costume go check out the site here.


  1. Oh thats such a pretty colour and I love the neckline its gorgeous xx

  2. Lucky you! I love the little ruffles, so pretty x

  3. Looks lovely, pretty colour too :) xx

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