Thursday, 18 August 2011

Ins and Outs

Its been a while...

Love film- I joined last month on the basic package and am loving it so far. This week i've received Black Swan to watch.

Seb getting older- This is an in and an out! He is nearly crawling, has learnt to throw things, can roll a ball to me, oh and he has 2 teeth! We got him a paddling pool and filled it with 300 balls, its huge and he loves it!
Great British Bake Off- The new series started on Tuesday, it makes me want to run to the kitchen and bake. Matalan Leggings- These are really fab, the comfiest i've found.

Palmers Cocoa Butter- This is my number one body lotion, i've strayed many times but always come back to it. I also use the baby version on Seb when i do baby massage after his bath.

Earache- last week and over the weekend i had horrible ear ache. It seems to have calmed down for now. Its such an annoying pain :(

Spots- I am 27 and yet i have 2 huge spots on my forehead, argghhh!


  1. I loved the Great British Bake-off. My cooking skills are pretty much non-existent so I'm very envious of anyone who can make such amazing looking cakes.
    It's so annoying that spots don't magically disappear the moment you're not a teenager...I'm nearly 24 but my skin thinks it's 14 sometimes! x

  2. aww Seb is so cute. I will have to try Matalan leggings and I agree I love Palmers Cocoa butter it smells divine.

    I am 38 and still get spots arrghh but you have lovely skin so I am surprised you would get spots xx

  3. Boo to earache, I hope it passes soon x

  4. Seb's growing up so fast, you must be a very proud mummy xxx

  5. I have to agree Matalan leggings are the best around, I have a few pairs and they haven't gone baggy or lost their colour. Will definitely be buying more.

  6. Ooh will have to try the Matalan leggings. Seb looks like he's having so much fun in his ball pool :) xx


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