Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bridesmaid dresses

Following on from last weeks post about wedding dresses i thought i'd show you the bridesmaid dresses that i've ordered.

I'm having my 3 nieces as bridesmaids, when we get married Amelie will be 3, Leah will be 10 and Chloe will be 17.

I saw this dresses in the Vertbaudet sale(hence the very early ordering) and thought they would be lovely for our 2 younger bridesmaids. Having a friend who works there meant i got a further 40% off so got both dresses for a totally bargain price.

I love the v-back with the bow and buttons and the length will be nice if i go for a shorter dress.

I'll team them with some little pumps and some type of hairband.

Instead of having them carrying flowers i'm toying with having them wearing wrist corsages instead similar to the one below but obviously in the correct colours and size for them.

Now i'm browsing around(i'm in no hurry!) for a dress for my 17 year old niece. Shes quite young for her age and i don't want to make her uncomfortable but I want to get her something that she can wear again and am hoping to take her shopping so she can help to choose it although i have seen some lovely dresses on ASOS for her.

Do you like the dresses/flowers?

Where can i find a nice fashionable dress in bright pink for a 17 year old?!!



  1. Those dresses are so pretty, love the idea of the wrist corsages too.

    Sadie xx

  2. The dresses are lovely, Topshop had some gorgeous coral dresses in a few weeks back :)


  3. Oh they're really cute. Hope they don't grow too much between now and then though! I assume you've bought the dresses a bit bigger than they are now?

    Try ebay for the other dress. I was a bridesmaid last year and we got them made up via ebay - dead easy and lots cheaper than the shops. You just pick the style and colour and send off the measurements.

  4. Those are very pretty :)
    Have you looked at either Dolly Dagger or Vivien of Holloway? They'd suit your theme I think, but may still be a bit grown up?? x

  5. aww so pretty dresses they will look lovely as I am sure you will too xx

  6. these dresses are really awesome , Every women get happy to wear this kind of dresses
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