Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New buys-photo heavy!

Yesterday was Phils day off and it was gorgeous so we went to Wakefield for some lunch.

While there we had a look in the shops, i wanted to use my No.7 voucher in Boots and also wanted some tights. Typically i found other things to buy.

Shoes from New Look. These are much nicer then the photo shows, the colour is fab and the heel is a great height.

Tights for Autumn from New Look

Blingy earrings, again from New Look

I ordered this animal print scarf from the ASOS sale, its really lovely but quite similar to others that i have, so i might give it to my mum

I picked up this dress in Topshop, it has a cut out back. I'm hoping for a good night out soon so will probably wear this then

I spent my No.7 voucher on this polish and i also picked up a polish in Topshop, i'll do posts with these in soon

Day cream and night cream, Palmers Cocoa Butter and Max Factor Mascara

I wouldn't normally post this but this shower gel smells amazing and its on offer for £1 in boots at the minute

Phil got me this giant cookie maker last week, i can't wait to use it!

I got these recepie books in the M&S sale for £1 each

And last but not least, we got a new pushchair! This is for me really as our other pushchair is a proper one that comes in more then one piece(can be made into a pram, and you can use the car seat on it) much as i love it, its heavy and big and a pain to get in and out when i'm on my own as we have to go up a flight of stairs to get out. This folds up tiny and in one piece.

What have you been buying?



  1. Lovely buys, love the shoes.

    Sadie xx

  2. lovely buys hun I love checking out all your new purchases. Cant wait to see those nail varnishes on :)

    Love amie

  3. lovely purchases, i bought the exact same tights last week, and I'm soo looking forward to wearing them. This inbetweeny weather is doing my head in!

  4. Love the coloured tights and your TS dress.


  5. I can sense that I'll be taking a trip to New Look very soon. What absolutely gorgeous tights!

  6. Oooooh I love those coloured tights!



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