Friday, 26 November 2010


Well the midwife was wrong! No baby yet!

I had my latest appointment today and shes tried to get things going for me(i won't give details!) but nothing as of yet. I know that he'll come in his own time but hopefully sooner rather then later.

We've still avoided the snow so far, i do love snow but this year i could do without it as i want to be able to get to hospital easily, have people come to see the baby without risking their lives(we live on top of a massive hill) and also to be able to go out with the pram when he arrives. So keep your fingers crossed it avoids our little area.

What are everyones weekend plans?

Tonight i'm cooking Carbonara for us, having a mini tidy round and watching trashy tv.

I'm hibernating for the rest of the weekend, i don't really want to go anywhere far from home incase i go into labour plus i can hardly walk he is that low down. So for me its DVD's, books, Countdown on the Wii. Phils working the whole weekend so i might get my mum over for some company.

I've also got a couple of blog posts to do, which i'll schedule in.


  1. Really hope it doesnt snow for you- he'll be here shortly! Hope you are managing to rest xx

  2. aw em you poor thing hoepfully he won't be long and I hope the snow stays away xxx

  3. Oh dear, I hope the snow holds off until you can get to the hospital. Have a lovely weekend, I suppose I'd better start Xmas shopping. xxx

  4. I will be thinking of you Em. Hope everything goes to plan and you enjoy a relaxing weekend.

  5. Oh Em,
    I hope the snow stays away from you and Baby comes soon :) x


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