Sunday, 21 November 2010

Another parcel for me!

I've been lucky this week. On Wednesday i had a knock at the door and was handed a parcel which i opened to find this :)
So i unwrapped it to find a shoebox and information about Deichmann shoes and their Autumn/Winter collection.
Inside the box were these black shoeboots with purple glitter in the fabric. I can't wait to wear these, they'll be fab with black tights.
I've had a good look at their shoes and they are really good prices, ideal for a night out when you're short on cash. You can see more on their website here.
I'd like to thank them for sending these shoes out to me, i really appreciate it when companies offer things and only accept the ones i am genuinely interested in hence me not having a continuous stream of freebies on this blog.
I'll end this post with a picture of some flowers Phil came home with yesterday, he knows how to get on my good side he also got me chocolate, pringles and some magazines to help ease my boredom and cheer me up after a very hormonal rant from me on Friday night!

What has everyone been up to this weekend? xxx


  1. Those shoes look fab- I always find comfy shoes hard to find :( x

  2. Those shoes look so lovely x

  3. Aw how lovely, I must check out their shoes...not that I need any more haha x

  4. They look great, what a fab freebie. Gorgeous flowers, too. xxx

  5. Oh lucky you and they defo seem you!!

    Aww poor you, glad you have a good man to help ease the load! xx

  6. Oh they're nice shoes!! Lucky you to get sent something so lovely :)

  7. Ooh new shoes always cheer me up!!! Lovely flowers too :) xx


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