Thursday, 25 November 2010

Naughty me

For ordering this skirt from New Look despite the fact it might not fit for a little while.
I couldn't resist the bow on the waist and the velvet trim.

I'm sooo desperate to get into all of my clothes and go for a shop soon!
Does anyone have snow? Its not settled here yet, but its freezing so i'm making the most of having some peace with a duvet day xxx


  1. What a lovely skirt! Is that velvet I spy? So pretty. I'm having a duvet day too :) x

  2. Cute skirt, love the bow and the trim at the bottom.
    No snow for us yet, hoping it holds off till Sunday. Got my xmas shopping to do.

  3. Aw I love the skrit - so cute! Really like your green h&m dress too, it's an amazing colour! There is loads of snow in Newcastle :-( x

  4. That's so cute. It's freezing here, no snow but I've sent Jon into the garden to chop logs, I've got a feeling we'll be getting through quite a few this weekend. xxx

  5. Oh that's lovely Em. It's really classic too, so you'll get tons of wear out of it.

    So cold here! I'm just hoping the snow holds off until I get home as I don't fancy navigating country roads in the snow in my little car!

  6. That is lovely and so versatile!

    Enjoy your duvet day,

    no snow here (thank goodness) the forecast keeps chopping and changing though x

  7. Very nice skirt - i can see that style lending itself to lots of outfitS!
    And no snow here yet either, is it bad that i love it when it snows - kinda excited for snow!! :)

  8. Lovely skirt. There's been quite a bit of snow here, still had to go to work though!

  9. That skirt is very you. Bows make a outfit look so chic I think. No snow here is Aus... it's stinking hot here. :) xxx

  10. I love this!
    Theres nothing nicer than spending days wrapped up in your duvet in this weather


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