Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ins and Outs

Reaching my due date!! Finally i'm due today!

Hot chocolate, duvet and DVD. Perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Online shopping, makes life sooo much easier, i love it when my Tesco man comes calling.

My ever growing family, my sister is pregnant with her fifth baby and its another boy! Thats 6 grandsons for my parents as well as 3 grandaughters. Me and my sister haven't always got on too well but shes a fab mum and has given me loads advice over the last few months. I love being part of a big family with so many little ones to cherish.

Not being able to put on my own socks or paint my toenails! I'm living in easy to put on shoes rather then relying on Phil to do up straps or laces, i can't wait to get back into my pretty shoes.

Wearing the same few things on rotation, i want my wardrobe back!

Freezing cold weather! At least the dogs like it.


  1. Wow, that's gone mega fast!! Fingers crossed baby arrives safely soon xx

  2. P.S. Love the studded shoes, where are they from? x

  3. mmm, that hot chocolate looks gorgeous!
    and congratulations to your sister <3

  4. hot chocolate & marshmalllows YUMMY!!

  5. Not long now hun! Just enjoy your hot chocolate and put your feet up- you deserve it. I love the colour of those tights!

    Nat xxx

  6. Firstly, love your ASOS entry!

    Secondly, I hope baby comes soooon! I am so excited about it...I loved getting updates when I was in hospital.

    Thirdly, do you mind if I send you a Christmas card?


  7. How exciting. I can't wait until the little man finally makes an appearance. xxx

  8. Fingers crossed your little man is welcomed to the world soon! x

  9. Ahhh that's so exciting! Really hope everything goes well - I've got my fingers crossed for you! x

  10. Fingers crossed, can't wait to here more news xx

  11. Love your hot chocolate, can I ask what youused to make it?
    good luck with it all, i'm sure you'll be releved yet happy when he comes along! x

  12. You might have a baby by now!! :) Keep us updated!! oooh this is SO exciting! :)


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