Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow day!

Did you know it snowed?!
Its been a long weekend, Sebs been poorly for the last couple of day so we've not been upto much. But i did manage to get him out in the snow for a few minutes this morning, as he's not walking i had to hold him to stand in it and he wasn't too sure as it was very slippy under his feet. He did like touching it though.
Poorly boy having cuddles
Very lazy outfit for the day
Green clown collared tunic-Topshop, Black cardi-La Redoute, Black leggings-Matalan, Ostrich print scarf-Topshop
What did you get upto in the snow?


  1. He looks absolutely adorable Em! xxx

  2. Gorgeous little boy :)
    X x x

  3. aww cute photos and love your outfit.

    I have tagged you in my blog please take a look xx

  4. Aww such cute nails :) x


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