Thursday, 23 February 2012

Review: Cherry Batiste

Last week i mentioned on twitter that i wanted to try out the new Cherry Batiste and they kindly offered to send me a sample to review. I was quite excited by this!
My sample arrived really quickly and here she is.
I have used Batiste for years, its a fab product and even more useful to me now i have a toddler and i don't get the chance to wash my hair every morning. I'm glad to report that this version is as good as ever and leaves me with fresh feeling, looking and smelling hair.
The reason i really wanted to try this new version is for the smell and i was pleased that it was a lovely fruity scent thats not too overpowering. I actually prefer this to the other scents available which is a suprise as i've always liked the Tropical version.
I am also a little bit in love with the packaging, who doesn't love a cute cherry print?
Have you tried this version yet?


  1. ooh it looks really cute! I love batiste too will have to try this xxx

    love Amie

  2. I love the packaging might have to try this xx

  3. Definitely have to try this! My favourite is the classic, but I'd rather have a cherry scent on hand. :)


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