Friday, 3 February 2012

A change is as good as a rest

Today i had a break!
Phil was on a late shift and not starting work until half 4, so i took advantage and went to look around the shops all by myself! I love shopping on my own, i like the freedom of being able to look at anything and everything, spending as long as i like looking in random shops and generally just enjoying my own company. Is anyone else like this?

Then i met my friend for lunch, looked in a few more shops and came back home. I felt really refreshed just from having that little break from baby talk.

How cute is this Hello Kitty cookie!
I actually didn't buy much for me, just these leopard sunnies and pretty pj bottoms from Primark. I got Seb lots of new bits though including these, i love them!Have a good weekend, i hope you have some lovely plans. I shall mainly be hiding from the cold! xxx


  1. I always prefer shopping on my own, that way I don't annoy anybody when I'm debating wheter to buy something or not! xxx

  2. That cookie is ADORABLE! Too cute to eat haha. Enjoy a snug weekend x


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