Saturday, 28 March 2009

Paypal, its like free money!

I did a couple of online orders last night, mostly using paypal money, so it doesn't count!
White summer dress with cutout back(hopefully it'll look ok with my tattoo)
Nail polish, i'm hoping its this colour in real life!
Coral bangle

Black and white heart print tights, i love these but i have no idea how i'm going to wear them!

Dinosaur tee, because its cute

Wizard of Oz tee, again so cute!
Colour block dress which will be cute with a cardi


  1. thanks for your lovely comment honey :)
    aa skirts are addictive aren't they?!

    I love your buys - those amazingg heart tights would go with your aa skirt and a white tee :D


  2. Hi there-love the white dress and the colour block one!! Have a good Sunday!


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