Thursday, 5 March 2009

Feeling sorry for myself!

I've been advised by my doctor to take the next 7 days off of work and put on some tablets so i'm feeling sorry for myself. Its pretty rubbish as i've been poorly on and off since December so i'm hoping this time it will finally be sorted out and the doctors are going to refer me if the tablets don't work. Plus my All Saints dress came and looked like a tent on me, it was huge! So i'm sending that back.
So i've ordered a few bits to cheer me up usuing ebay money.
2 in 1 dress with stripey top and black skirt

Pixel skirt

Floral shopper, i love the teapot on this!

Grey lace strap vest


  1. Is that dress Matalan or DP by any chance? x

  2. Hi, yep its from Matalan in the new Be Beau range. x

  3. Oh I need the floral shopper, and the dress in my life.


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